​​Chris Seguin


When RBC aggressively set out to prove—point by point—that their bank accounts could beat anybody’s, customers “Got It”! This campaign became one of their most successful in history, with a staggering 70% increase in VIP Account openings. It also won DMA and CMA Gold.  [View]

Creative Director + Writer

Of the hundreds of projects I’ve worked on, it’s almost impossible to choose which to showcase. Is a certain piece my favourite? Maybe. Is my absolute best piece among these? Who’s to say? But everything here is included because it fits my unyielding criteria: It’s relevant, it’s strategic, it’s a little bit sideways in its thinking—and it got results. Take a look.

RBC Core Accounts Campaign

RBC Investing Campaign

RBC Direct Investing Campaign

The equation is simple: Money over time = success! But instead of guiding people toward the vague idea that “Money in the bank feels good”, this CMA Silver-winning campaign helped consumers visualize specific goals linked to financial growth in a bold, graphic fashion.  [View]

There’s a generation that does everything online—except investing. Why so scared? By equating self-investing with basic online behaviour (shopping, booking tickets, etc.) it suddenly seemed much more doable. And with the simple phrase “You can do this”, results spiked by 25%. [View]

RBC Shoppers Drug Mart Launch

RBC Insurance DRTV


When two iconic Canadian brands came together to make the nation’s favourite loyalty program even better the launch had to be big, with Shoppers Optimum points popping up everywhere! So that’s exactly what happened: online, out of home, on radio, in stores and even in a massive Union Station takeover.  [View]

With another agency’s 0:30 TV spot getting their name out but not driving sales, RBC Insurance asked me: “Could you turn it into a :60 DRTV spot?” The answer: ”Sure!” Okay, then: “Could you make it TWO spots?” The answer again: “Sure!” And by transforming one 0:30 soft-sell into two 0:60 hard-sells, completed online quotes for RBC Insurance multiplied by 300%.   [View]

​​Deloitte Canada had something to say to Canadian companies: “Stop being water buffalos; be the gazelles you know you can be!” This viral video, promoted via Deloitte’s social media channels (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook) drove C-Suite powerbrokers to the full report online.  [View]

The new Canada Day 25-cent piece was launched as “a birthday gift to all of Canada” by Kimmi Beaver and Kris Caribou. The pair appeared in a :30 TV, in POS and DM, and even “in person” at Parliament Hill celebrations on July 1st.​  [View]

The challenge: Increase comprehension, trial of, and orders for Rogers’ new Video On Demand service. Broadcast solely on Rogers promotional channels, it needed stopping power. Oh yeah, and it had to be on-air in two weeks. For $50K! 

The solution: “The Telerevolution”, a 7-minute television show starring Guy Caballero, the cantankerous owner of the legendary SCTV network. If Caballero can be sold on the benefits of Rogers' On Demand, anybody can.  [View]

Scotiabank has a great corporate culture and they wanted to shout it out via the words of the people who really matter: their employees. A nice tight brief with a one-line selling idea (“I love working at Scotiabank”) led to the sketch that led to the T-shirts that led to the client buying off right there on the spot. And CMA Silver!  





Real-life scenarios become shared stories of how RSA Insurance customers and their brokers came together to come up with solutions at times when “a friend in need is a friend indeed” in a newspaper campaign designed to cover RSA’s full scope of home, car, business—and even pet!—insurance.  [View]

Melding the rich heritage of golf's most illustrious tournament with the latest in online technology, Mastersgolf.ca brought the experience to life via RSS feeds, mobile and e-mail updates, up-to-the-minute blogs, a robust app and live real-time streaming of the event itself. [View]

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Cheeseburger"​ Yes the title dates it, but it's still one of my favourite pieces just for its sheer silliness. (And because this was the second-most-fun commercial shoot I've ever worked on.) The result was a memorable spot made for next-to-no money, a very happy Director of Marketing (whose courage paid off), happy franchisees and lots and lots of cheeseburgers sold!  [View]