​​Chris Seguin

Creative Director + Writer


"Chris has the rare but necessary ability to link creative ideas that appeal to consumers to the business objectives of the client. His passion and commitment for ensuring business targets are met inspire great confidence and trust. Chris has led many challenging and difficult campaigns and each time [he] brings innovation, creativity, and appeal to the work - he is a true business partner."

Tracy Hackett
Vice President, Marketing, RBC Royal Bank

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"As a creative director, [Chris is] strong and thoughtful, able to roll up his sleeves and collaborate with the team, while also being a key part of the strategic direction and client relationship. You can't ask for more from a creative than what Chris brings to the table."

Scott McKay
Vice President, Stragegic Planner, MacLaren McCann

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"For several years I watched Chris build the RBC book of business at MacLaren MRM. Each time I turned around Chris had added yet another special project. Or found a brand new opportunity to exploit. And he did it week after week. Month after month. He left no stone unturned."

Dave Stubbs
Vice President, Group Creative Director, MacLaren McCann

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"Chris has a huge capacity for complex work, has led award-winning campaigns that produced big results, solves client problems with the best of them and is one hell of a great writer”

Jason Levine
Group Creative Director, MacLaren McCann

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"It is truly a pleasure to have worked for Chris over the past few years. He is a strategic, creative thinker who also understands a client’s business objectives. I have been lucky to learn much from him. Chris doesn’t believe in “stamping” his ideas all over a creative team. He respects and trusts his teams. He allows their own ideas to come to life while always keeping them firmly on brief. When rough ideas are presented he can always take the “nugget” of a concept and give you that one missing piece of insight that allows the work to come alive.” 

Steven Davenport
Group Creative Director, MacLaren McCann

Former Sr. Art Director, MacLaren McCann and Carlson Marketing Canada

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"“When Chris joined the Maclaren McCann creative leadership team, he brought with him an incredible talent for turning challenging marketing strategies into great creative solutions. Chris is well known for his lead-by-example style, never ending curiosity and fresh sense of humour. He can concept with the best of them and his strengths in leadership and “roll up his sleeves” work style make him a valuable member of any creative and innovative organization. He is a great motivator and nurtures his team to be better in ideation and execution. Chris’ power in the boardroom comes from his ability to focus the conversation around the impact that brilliant creative can have on business. He draws clients in with his one-on-one dialogue and establishes high levels of trust with his clients. Online, print or broadcast, Chris makes sure that the creative work is masterfully written and brilliantly executed. There aren’t many in the industry with his level of talent and commitment to the craft. He would be a great addition to any agency looking for strength in creative leadership.” 

Kimberley Walsh

Chief Creative Officer, Targetbase
Former Sr. VP, Creative Director, MacLaren McCann

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"Chris is one of the best writers that I have worked with in the past 10-15 years. He is versatile and fully capable of handling complex briefs and tough creative challenges. I don't believe he ever failed to deliver to our expectations—and often went above and beyond. His work was fresh and original and he presented his concepts with great conviction—and humour. Most importantly, Chris was proud of his work but always remained modest about his talents (which are many). Clients liked him. His colleagues in the creative department loved him. Suits respected him.” 

Sachi Mukerji

President, Creative Director, Monsoon Communications
Former President, Grey Canada

"Chris is a first-class presenter of creative concepts and big ideas. He exudes purpose and delivers in a calm, measured, and reassuring manner. I have had senior clients confide in me that Chris’ creative presentation was a significant and contributing factor to the selection of Carlson Marketing as their agency partner.”

Gordon Ross

General Manager, Client Management & Business Development, Aimia Inc
Former VP, Client Strategy & Insight, Carlson Marketing Canada 

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"Chris is one heck of a writer and creative director. He's a collaborator—not a dictator—and more likely to high five you than throw you under the bus. He’s not afraid to challenge traditional views, process, politics or creative—yet he can do so constructively and artfully, which is really useful in a larger agency environment or when asked to manage several (and often competing)  personalities at once.”

Phil Barret

Senior VP & General Manager, Purch 
Former Senior Director, Mobile & Interactive, Carlson Marketing Canada

"Beyond his sheer and obvious creative ability, Chris is a natural at building relationships and instilling confidence amongst not only his internal partners but across all levels of the client relationship...we ALWAYS partner to present the client with any and all recommendations."

Robin Whalen

Managing Partner, 6 Degrees Integrated Communications/Real Interactive
Former VP, Group Account Director, MacLaren McCann

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