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30+ years in the industry, and I still love it. I get to think — and play — with smart people. I get to mentor new talent. I get to learn something new every day. And I honestly still look forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.


I'm a proven builder of trust, teams, respect, and most importantly: business. Because isn’t growing business ultimately what this work is all about? For our clients, and ourselves. And I’m a huge believer in the power of collaboration, with fellow creatives, strategists, suits, and yes clients, to make that happen. 


While a career-long CRM expert with, for the past number of years, a focus on the Financial Sector, I can confidently claim experience (and numerous successes) in a broad range of client sectors, and industry disciplines. And throughout all of it, I’ve maintained an unwavering respect for the power of integrated, media-targeted, strategy-driven, whatever's-smart-and-right solutions. Put me in a Zoom meeting — or even better, in a whiteboard room — with a bunch of sideways-thinking people, and I’m in my happy place.

In addition to my work, I love my wife, my two Basset Hounds, my home, my city, silent-era comedy, modern film and animation, food, and travel. And always… whatever is next.

Does that happen to work with your “What's next?” too?

Let’s talk.

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