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RBC Everyday Banking “Got It” Campaign - Case Study



Sometimes all the fun is in the challenge. And trust me, few clients are more challenging than a big bank. 


Challenge accepted. Happily. 


For five years I served as creative lead on RBC ROYAL BANK, Maclaren McCann’s (now McCann Canada) second largest account. The result was win after win, big and small, achieved by getting to know the bank’s brand and inner workings inside out, via a policy of total collaboration through the entire chain of command.


In the end, a +350% increase in revenue for Maclaren was tracked directly to me and my team’s work – as the portfolio grew to include everyday banking, financial planning, and insurance.


Okay, showing five years’ worth of digital, DM, in-branch collateral, OOH, transit, etc., etc., would bury you. So here’s a taste in bite-sized video form. But I’ve got plenty more to share if you’re interested. 

RBC Everyday Banking “Got It” 0:60 Brand Response TV

RBC Everyday Banking “Free iPad Mini” Promotion 0:30 TV

RBC eSavings Account “$50K Promotion” 0:30 TV

RBC Financial Planning “You Made Love, You Rocked Out” 0:60 DRTV

RBC Insurance “Maggie and I” 0:60 DRTV

RBC Insurance “Life Got In The Way” 0:60 DRTV

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