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They certainly did. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. Admit it, and fix it. 


When POST CEREAL changed up their Honeycomb formula, social media raged on. POST responded to a flood of really hurtful “mean tweets” by having Honeycomb's Bee Man mascot address actual posts from cranky (ex)Honeycomb lovers on YouTube before announcing that, “The classic taste of Honeycomb, the one you know and love, is back”.


They also sent out personalized direct mail pieces to each and every person who complained, apologizing and offering up a free box of “Classic Taste”.


The response was impressive, and so were the results:

  • View-through Rate (VTR) of 65.04%, outperforming Youtube’s benchmarks of 33.20%-40.58%

  • Recall (Brand Lift study) was recorded at a 56% lift — placing it in the top 25% of studies for the industry for ad recall


Oh, and many unhappy Honeycomb fans got really, really happy again. Check this one out:

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